Differentiation of Trig functions Part II

Differentiation of trig functions using Chain rule, Product rule and Quotient rule

Example 1

Technique: Use of Chain rule

Example 2

Given that , show that

Technique: use Quotient Rule

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  1. Jess, I think I can answer your question. If you want to take 3/5 (mod 6), you just need to rephrase the question a bit. What do we want 3/5 to do? Basically, the answer to “3 divided by 5,” which we often call “three fifths,” has the defining property that if you multiply it by 5 you get 3. So instead of finding 3/5 (mod 6), I’ll find the number that has the property that when I multiply it by 5 (mod 6) I get 3. help me with math


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