How to Pass Gce O Levels Add Maths

This guide is written for students taking the Gce O Level Additional Maths exam in Singapore. I am a full time private tutor who has been teaching Additional Maths for the past 7 years. This guide is written based on my experience with helping students to prepare for the Gce O Level Additional Maths exams. Experience has showed me that as long as students are willing to put effort to practise, a B3 grade is highly attainable 

I believe that by practising on past year questions and understanding how formulas are applied, students can score well in the actual Gce O Level Additional Maths exams.

How to Pass Gce O Levels Add Maths

Learn how to use Formulas Correctly 
For example many people mix up with
click here to see how the rules are being applied

The most popular/ Unforgivable Misconception ( I have JC students who don't know this  )

A formula sheet is given in the actual Gce O Levels Additional Maths exam. Please learn how to make use of the formulas listed. Part of the formula list is shown below.

For the full list refer to the SEAB website     

The SEAB website  also contains a very important document: the Syllabus. The syllabus is extremely important, it states what you need to know for the Gce O Level Additional Maths exams. Look through it and it will help you in your exam preparations.

A snapshot of the Gce O Level Additional Maths Syllabus 

For the full syllabus check out the SEAB website 

Master Foundation Topics  
Indices, Logarithms, Surds
These topics form the foundation of many other topics
Other topics are also covered. Check out the Contents Page.  

Start with the easy questions
By working on the easy questions, you will learn how to use he formulas properly and build up your confidence to solve harder problems

The Contents page lists all the Maths topics that I have written so far. For each topic I have put up some questions that are commonly asked in the Gce O Level Additional Maths exams. The questions are classified by type. For each type of question, I have also included the techniques needed to solve the question and step by step solutions.  

Master Commonly Asked Questions in the Gce O Levels TYS
Questions do Repeat. When you are doing the questions, look for PATTERNS. Look at how questions are similar to each other. Look at how they are different. This will help you remember how to do the questions

Questions on
  • Trigonometric Ratios, Trigonometric Equations, Trigonometric Identities
  • Differentiation and its applications
  • Integration and it applications
typically account for 50% of the total marks. If you are able to answer all the questions from these topics, you should be able to pass

Finally work hard, put in time and effort

There Can be MIRACLES. Well actually, its really hard work. Practise, Practise, Practise

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What's next?
Check out the topics covered in this blog by clicking on  Contents Page  

The certificate shown above belongs to me. I don't think I am very smart but I did put in a lot of hard work.

Study hard and Good luck for your exams

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