A Maths Home Tuition

Easy to understand lessons: Step by step guidance  

Patient and dedicated to help each student achieve their maximum potential

Responsible: Regular lessons without last min cancellations 

Full time tutor with 7 years experience 

Qualified: Straight A student, Hwa Chong Alumni ( Previously known as Chinese High School)

Specialist in helping students who fail Math: Start from basics to build a solid foundation  

Call/ Whatsapp/ SMS: 8709 4221  to get 50% off 1st lesson

Teaching method
For all students:
Highlight commonly asked questions in the O Levels for each topic
Focus on Trigo, Differentiation and Integration 
Practice on commonly asked questions

For students who are failing their exams:
Focus on understanding formulas and how to apply them

For students who are getting B3 and want to get A1:
Working on more challenging problems

Like and follow my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AMathsTips/ to get a feel of my teaching style

My credentials

There Can be MIRACLES. Well actually, its really hard work. Practice, Practice and more Practice

Location: Student's Home

50% off first lesson (trial lesson).
Sec 3 students: $50 per hr
Sec 4 students: $60 per hr
H2 Maths: $70 per hr

Whatsapp/ SMS : 8 seven 0 nine - 4 two two 1 

Hope to hear from you
Zhanrui aka Ivan
A Math Tutor
Founder of O Level A Maths Tips Facebook Page
Oct 2018

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